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Useful Productivity Resources

Agile Productivity System

Agile Productivity System Worksheet

Start using these worksheets after attending the class. You may also want to use the apps I show you in the class too.

MS Teams Productivity Cheatsheet1a

Microsoft Teams Guide

Simply apply these 12 tips in Microsoft Teams and become a highly productive leader. Want to learn more? Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Bookst Productivity Live Talk

How to Boost Your Productivity

Special talk (45 min) for overwhelmed leaders. Available in my LinkedIn profile.

Watch this: Boost Your
Productivity with MS Teams

Productive Tools We Used

ms planner
ms todo
club p 1


A great tool to monitor your time especially online.

MS Planner

A great tool to plan your daily tasks.

MS To Do

A great tool to task management.


My favorite tool to organize my thoughts and databases.

Productivity Videos

More useful videos to help you become more productive.