How to Use AI to Help You at Work – Productivity Tips for Managers

Here’s how to use ai to help you at work for managers and leaders.

AI is getting more powerful by the day and has helped to improve productivity for many people. If you are not utilizing it, you will be fallen behind. This video will show you an example of how to use AI at work to help you achieve your goals or KPIs.

Transcript: How to Use AI to Help You at Work – Productivity Tips for Managers

Have you start using AI at work if you don’t know how to start today I’m going to show you a use case on how to use AI at your work now in this video I’m going to show you an example how you can use AI to help you achieve your goal or your KPI there are many types of AI available right now especially the free one so my recommendation is to start with the free one and if you know that it is so helpful then you can subscribe to the premium version so the free one in the market right now the most famous ones of course is chat GPT Google B and also Microsoft co-pilot or being AI now in this video I’m going to use Microsoft co-pilot or B AI to show you but the same thing will work for other AI platform as well let’s jump right into my computer and I’ll show you how to use AI.

Now I’m going to show you how to access the Bing chat or Bing AI right just go okay so once you are here you can see the chat on top over here just click on the chat now it bring you to the so all the co-pilot right this is the Microsoft Bing AI or the co-pilot so we come over here now the example today I’m going to show you is about how to achieve your goal so what you can do is I type the prom okay to speed up so that I don’t waste your time so basically the prom was saying I have identified a significant challenge at work which is to achieve my sales goal because this is 50% higher than my last goal okay to overcome the obstacle I need a structure
plan of action please outline a step by step strategy or action plan that can I can follow to address this Challenge and work towards achieving my goal there something just telling you that you have problem achieving the goal or you have a new goal that you need to achieve and you need it to come out with a structure plan so you can copy exactly my prompt or you can come out with something yours right so let’s see how it comes out with.

Use AI to Help You at Work

so now you can see that the Bing AI is already put to work and it comes up with the plan a strategy on how you can achieve the goal you see so even giving you step one step two step three step four step five and so on so how good is that right so you can see that yeah now this is the plan if you’re not happy you can ask it right you can ask it to uh elaborate or you can change it let’s say for example let’s talk about develop a sales plan custom K track your progress okay so this is point number six uh please elaborate all on point six on how uh my team can cck the progress better so let’s see what’s the answer so you can ask it like something like uh this is your guide or your coach okay to someone that can helps you see so here you can see that right to try even recommend some software for you right so that we can use this software to actually help us to track it so you see now these are all the software yeah that recommend how to track better so to elaborate further on the one of the points up here you have further question of course you can pass it or you can change it all right so even you can ask Set uh from the above suggested apps which one it which one is free to use all right which one is free you don’t you don’t want to pay for it you want to try it can ask them yeah at least see what’s the answer so it tells you that hpot provides a free sales tracking software okay what are the apps like.

Just like treat it as like a guide someone then you just ask the question so you can see that sometime it may not gives you the one right you’ll start with the one right H sport okay so interesting that it get Stu here now the thing this is not perfect other said right this is not perfect but at least you have some ideas yeah so some of these suggest like some of these uh so-call apps to help us to track our sales progress and the most important part is that it gives us some strategy right so there are seven steps strategies yeah to help us achieve a goal right now if you don’t have any idea to this is something that you can start like brainstorm it together with your AI co-pilot or friends or partner right so treat it as someone like assistant to help you come up with ideas and then you can uh of course you don’t exactly copy 100% of that but you can use that idea to build on new ideas you see so I hope this will gives you some uh glimpse on how to use AI to help you achieve your goals and grow your career there are many ways you can use AI.

I hope this video will show you an example and the most important thing is go and try it now if you have question or you want to learn more about other use cases just leave a comment right below and I’ll try my best to answer you but meanwhile if you like this type of content do follow us for more because I’m going to create more example or use cases to help you utilize AIS and perform better in your career.

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