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Administrative Kanban

What is Visual Control?

A visual control is different from visual display. Normally, a visual display relates information and data to employees in the area. For example, charts showing the monthly sales of the company, quality issue and daily production output that employees should be aware of. Example of Visual Display Visual control is a display of information for […]

3D Printer

3D printing can really boost manufacturing?

Do you really think that 3D printing can really boost manufacturing? In our perception, when we talk about manufacturing we always associate with factories and machineries. As 3D printer becomes more and more affordable and capable. We are looking at factories shrinking their sizes. It is also enable a whole new way of manufacturing. Even […]

Amazon warehouse

Amazon Warehouse (pictures) – Managing Chaos

Here’s some picture of how Amazon Warehouse looks inside? If you are thinking that your warehouse and inventory are difficult to manage, just look at these Amazon warehouse pictures. Imagine how many millions of SKU (stock kitting unit) they have compare to your warehouse. Have you wonder how they manage their warehouse and what are […]

Lean Boeing

Lean by Boeing engineers helps the company reach its goal of providing products that meet and exceed expectations for the U.S. Army

In today‚Äôs defense budget climate, contractors are required to provide innovative, superior performing products at a reasonable cost. Critical to achieving this goal is a start-to-finish approach to Lean that extends from early design through to manufacturing, management, and administration. Traditionally, when industry refers to reducing waste and improving yields, the context is first assumed […]

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